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Buddhism NJ

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Buddha - How not to accept others anger

A story that always sticks to me, that my grandfather used to tell me many times: Once Buddha was passing through a village and during his stay there he was giving a talk to the locals. During this talk, a local ascetic got very upset. He was upset as people had started listening to and following Buddha instead of him. Read more...

Meditation NJ

There are many ways of meditation.
In this section we have listed various method and instructions on how to practice.

Meditation is a very personal journey.  All that anyone can give, as far as instruction, is a few exercises that can act as training wheels for slowing down the processes Read more...

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Kunlun Kunlun Nei Gung (Spontaneous Bliss Meditation) is an ancient, secret method of spiritual awakening. Kunlun is a reset process that is a part of your body already. When you do the method you activate that process. Whatever your body determines you need to do to realign your natural energy flow, will happen. Read More...

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Kunlun Seminars: Information about upcoming Kunlun seminars

Practice of Five Elements: is a set of moving postures that allows one to generate and circulate the built up magnetic energy from the Maoshan five elements. Maoshan 5 Elements Chi Gung video
Reiki NJ

"Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy."

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Spiritual Networking

Spiritual Networking: Please consider signing up on our below website. (Spiritual Networking) The idea is for each member to create a profile letting others know of what they do, and how we can help each other for jobs/businesses.

Any one looking for job can create forum posting that others can help.

Please join: http://spiritualnetworking.ning.com/

Tao NJ

"In a nutshell, Taoism is the consolidation of a number of concepts and practices that make up the "Path", or "Way" Read More about Taoism

Qi Gong: Qigong  is a 5000 year old energy art for strengthening the flow of life force & improving health. Read More about Qi gong

Nei gong, also spelled nei kung, neigung, or nae gong, is any of a set of Chinese breathing, meditation and... Read more about Nei gong

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Yoga NJ New Jersey

Yoga Postures: In our Yoga Blog we list various hatha yoga postures. How to do them, what are their benifits and video of each of them. Read more...

Shav Asana or Corpse Pose: Shav Aasan or corpse is an excelent posture to relax body. It can be done before starting yoga or at the end of yoga.

Zen NJ New Jersey

Zen is essence of Buddhism with emphasis on zazen meditation with a de-emphasis on throretical knowledge and scriptures. READ MORE...

Zen Blog: Write your blog on any topic about Zen, zazen, haiku, koan, etc
Zen Forum: Ask here questions about zen, zazen, koans


Weekly New Jersey Meetup Group: You can join our group on Meetup.com to view our schedules.

Kunlun weekly meetup: Kunlun Nei Group is for members who have taken a Kunlun training or are interested in taking it. This group is intended as a resource for you to meet and practice with in New Jersey.

Yoga/Meditation weekly meetup in Fords, NJ (Central New Jersey): We will teach you how to meditate, relax using Hatha Yoga, and gain control over your life. We hope you come weekly, practice and leave meetings with feeling relaxed. We start with  Yoga exercise, meditation and end with Spiritual discussions. [:D]

Reiki Circle: Any one that has taken Reiki or is interested in is welcome.

Lama Dorje Max Kunlun
Jas & Lama Dorje - Max Christensen

Jas is a certified Kunlun Nei gong facilitator. He holds Kunlun seminars and transfers sessions every other month is New Jersey/ New york. Contact him if you have any questions. or visit http://kunlun-tao.com

For seminars check link: Kunlun Seminars in New York / New Jersey

Kunlun Nei Gong & Tai Chi: Every Saturday at 10:00AM -11:30 session at Fords Library, Fords NJ

Yoga and Meditation: Every Saturday at 10:30AM - 12:30 PM session in Fords, NJ

Reiki Circle: Every friday at 7 PM in woodbridge. Contact Tatiana in the group.
Every other sunday at 12 PM in New Brunswick.

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