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Kunlun 1 training seminar: My experience, notes


Kunlun 1 training usually starts with a free informational session on a friday evening to introduce people to the practice, show them some of techniques and give an opportunity for people to ask questions. I attended one of these sessions on May 2nd. A friend of mine had sent me an email about this session and asked me to come. Somehow I ended up going, without having any knowledge about the pracitice. Now looking back, it was probably meant to be as i tried to turn back and not go several times.

Well in the session when i got there they were talking about lineage and then demonstated how 2 people could go into experiencing Bliss by tuning themselves. 2 women sat next to each others touched a part of each others both arms, and within seconds went into crazy laughter. I found it amusing, but asked Oscar if he could some of these on a person who had not taken a prior seminar, He said that it would be hard and he could not do it. I was disappointed as I was skeptical, and for me I had to experience it inorder to belive.

Then they called another person and asked him to talk about his experiences. He came to front, and Oscar this time with his hand tried to project energy to him Or you could say move the person energy. People in the crowd, who had taken prior training OR were sensative were asked to open themselves to Kunlun. I myself at this tried to relax and go into a relaxed state. In few second the person on stage started laughing, and so did many in the crowd. After few minutes, radomly people would started laughing, and sometime then I caught the energy and started laughing too.

I can describe it as a kind of BLISS. I had only heard or read about it in books. Basically its said that after intense and long meditations there comes a times when person gets to stage of smadahi..... and feels Bliss. Well this kind of bliss i felt for the first time. It was like tremendous energy came to my forehead, it would come in spurts and kind of take over you AND like at those momments there was no mind, ONLY an awareness. And at those moments I would start laughing as it was such a pleasure. Later on I heard that when one gets to such a state, Energy can manifest as; Light, Bliss...

I was convinced at this point and wanted to take the course. Then the main teacher "MAX" walked in as he was late from the flight and spoke some more about practice, its lineage, and what and how we would be teaching. I was ready to take the course and hoped that it was affordable. I kind of wished that it was not a crazy amount like 1000 that I would just have to think a million times. Luckly it was $300 and I was ready to come next day.

I went home  and surprisingly kept going back to that feeling of Bliss and would start laughing.


  Introduction to Kunlun Spontaneous Nei Gung (Level I)

Participants can expect to learn:

  • Kong Jing – a special form of mediation to allow one to be empty, receive and ground oneself.
  • Maoshan 5 Elements Chi Gung – this breathing and standing Chi Gung will allow one to balance the five main organs of the body.
  • Beginning level of Kunlun Spontaneous Nei Gung
  • Initiation Transmission - I will transmit a portion of my magnetic energy to everyone so that one can be activated and use their own energy from within.

Saturday: Max started the session with first asking us to stand with our knees slightly bent and our hands on our sides with middle finger touching the legs. This calmed and relaxed us. This followed by teaching us following techniques: Red Phoenix meditation, Golden flower, and then Kunlun.

He talked a lot about his teachers, monastaries where he visited, his lineage, ..... It was so exciting to listen to all of it...  I will post some of what I remember at the end of this blog.

Sunday: Amongst new techniques we learnt Spirit body travel, we received transmission of the lineage, and practiced each of the techniques we had learnt on saturday.


My Notes (with help of Yoda's notes and post):

Kunlun: This is a water path. Jazz, you must be like water, easy and flowing, you are too much fire. Example of a bamboo, if there is a storm, bamboo will break. If you are like grass, then with a storm wind you will bend and flow.

Spiritual warriors die young, fire will burn you.

This practice activates the divine bliss that everyone has within. It is similar to the energy of an orgasm but is not sexual in nature and can be 100's of times more.

When this energy becomes active in the body it starts an internal alchemical process of rapid change. As it moves through you it releases whatever blocks are in its way. This is why we say one hour can be equivalent to one hundred years in another system. It is that effective.

As the yin and yang channels merge in the lower dan tien, the bliss rises up the central channel of the body like champaign bubbles and the magnetic potential of the individual can then be realized.

He uses the term re-enlightenment because you are already enlightened, you just need to go back and realize it.

If you would like to build your jing chi prior to the seminar then celibacy is fine. It won't hurt. We recommend performing the upward draw to prevent the loss of your essence though, should you decide to have sex.


When the divine bliss is activated, by contrast creations of the mind are eliminated. That is to say, emotional/energy blocks and mental illusions which we carry are eliminated because they cannot stand up to the brilliance of divine bliss. This process can cause the body to shake or tremble like a wet dog shaking off water. People laugh, cry, scream, begin spontaneous yogic postures, sing, etc. It is always different because we are all holding different things inside. It is very odd looking, but afterwards students find they have lightened their load and many of them (like those at the first LA seminar) look years younger the next day.




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Divyolina said:

The five parts form a cycle of the five elements.

They all feed into each other after they have been embodied in their own seperate sets.

Begin with the element of water and the yin flow of chi from Heaven to Earth Opening the Energy Gates" .Move onto The Spiralling Energy Body which embodies the upward yang energy of the fire element.

The Yin and Yang forces- side channes moon & sun- are combined within the Marriage of Heaven and Earth which corresponds to the element of wood -circulation of the energy of the Golden Flower- Back channel, Governing Yang "DUChannel " + front Channel  Conceining Yin  "Ren Channel".

The element of metal is embodied by Bend the Bow and Shoot the Arrow which causes strong compression and release of energy.

Finally all the previous physical and energetic practices are combined as we move into the element of earth with the set Gods Playing in the Clouds.

The Marriage of Heaven and Earth

The practice is then taken deeper into the fluids of the body - the blood, lymph, synovial and cerebrospinal fluids. When this material is fully integrated the body moves as one interconnected piece.

The energetic work combines the descending and ascending energy currents to move Qi through the micro and macro cosmic orbits. The energies of heaven and earth are joined within the Dan-Tien (the centre point of the body).

Catarsis, through dinamic movements. The brain core is energised and negative emotions cleared from the body, thus bridging the gap between nei gung and Taoist meditation.

- All energetic movements. Spiralling the Energy Body, physical movements as Opening the Energy Gates as the energy work to release.

Release your energy and physical blockages - Opening the Energy Gates .

The Spiralling Energy Body concentrates on the flow of chi, this can dramatically increase your energy levels.

Thoroughly dissolving your energy and physical blockages. Release energeticaly and body-mind blockages, then your energy is neutral and your blocks released.

The Marriage of Heaven and Earth and makes the body very open and strong.  After practice the body gains the quality of 'sprung steel', which is the main component .

This set is used to correct back problems and improve posture, as well as overhauling and strengthening the central nervous system.

The energetic movement is from periphery to center and from center to periphery throughout the whole body,  circulation of the energy of the "Golden Flower", creating a magnetic field that can be projected, which is the main component of 'Fa Jing' - the ability to release enrgy to project a person away from you. Also as

a healing energy.

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